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My Vancouver web design & SEO ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience. The secret to successful SEO: I know how search engines work. I am familiar with their algorithms, what they look for, how they rank websites. I will design your website to be optimized for best results with the leading search engines.


Who Am I

I have been building and optimizing websites for the last 20 years. I create my sites in WordPress, with beautiful themes designed by talented teams of designers. My main job is customizing the theme to your needs, and then optimizing the site for search engines ranking.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a separate profession from web design, and few web designers are also experts in SEO. Website Optimization is the ability to structure the site in a way that will make search engines “like” it, and rank it well. SEO is in fact my area of expertise, and I will perform a basic site wide optimization with every site I design. This “small little detail” and “extra” feature which is included in my service, is what just might push your site to the top.

One Stop Web Design & SEO Turn Key Solution:

  • I will register your domain name for you, purchase and set up a hosting account for you.
  • Web design; modern, professional 100% responsive WordPress websites.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) included in the price.
  • Help with registering and applying necessary code to the site for Google analytics and Google webmaster tools.
  • I will get your site indexed on Google within 3 days. (This is guaranteed and I will prove it to you!).
  • My basic one time search engine optimization services are included as a free bonus with web design fees.
  • More emphasis on SEO and a much higher level of site optimization is available; this will require a special discussion and quote.

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